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OpEPA – Organizacion para la Educacion y Proteccion Ambiental

Updated: August 18, 2002

OpEPA is a Colombian non-profit organization, whose mission is to generate learning experiences that present alternatives so that people can relate with Earth and its inhabitants. Our educational experiences integrate ecological, social, economic, and cultural aspects, producing attitudes and actions directed to preserve the environment.

By means of specific projects and campaigns, OpEPA hopes to act as a catalyst in each individual and increase environmental conscience. OpEPA aims to promote a better understanding and enjoyment of the cultural, ethnic and natural diversity of our world, and to create an awareness of the necessity of preserving this diversity.


-Outdoor Education
-Educational Expeditions
-Wilderness Medicine
-Communication for Conservation
-Community Capacity Building
-Consulting for Educational Institutions

OpEPA believes that by following a strong set of values we can foster a positive and safe learning environment (physical and emotional) as well as generate the most effective learning experiences. With this in mind we have established the following values:

OpEPA believes

1.in respect as a fundamental value to generate honesty and tolerance, improving community life.
2.in honesty and transparency of actions.
3.in man as an integral part of nature, belonging to its systems and cycles.
4.that education is the best tool to create spaces for questioning which generate changes in attitudes.
5.in the existence of development alternatives, which will bring better life quality for the present and future generations of all living things on Earth.
6.that each individual has to be accountable for his actions and aware of the effects these have.
7.in non-violence and positive action.

Examples of some of the projects in which OpEPA is working are:

-Environmental education and outdoor programs involving more than 1,000 children in Colombia.
-Focal point for Colombia of the world celebration of International Year of the Mountains (UN-FAO)
-Partners in the program: Community based environmental education programs in rural areas of Colombia. (Grant given to the Institute for Training and Development by the U.S. State Department).
-Educational Expeditions in Costa Rica and Peru.
-National public education campaign focused towards generating information about tropical biodiversity.
-Developers of environmental education games and activities for Latin American children.
-Authors of several modules of Distance Education materials for Leonard Cheshire International on the program “Educating for Diversity” directed to Latin American community leaders.
-Workshop presenters at the Fourth International Children’s Conference on the Environment.
-Wilderness First Aid educators throughout Latin America.
-Members of oneworld.net and several environmental workgroups in Latin America.


Address 1: Calle 70A No 13-18
City: Bogota
State/Province: na
Country: Colombia
Postal Code: 00008


Phone: 57 1 235 7577
Fax: 57 1 249 6800
Contact Person: Luis Camargo

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