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Professional Way Ltd.

Updated: August 25, 2002

Professional Way is an international team of management consultants, specializing in personality type and “people development”. We are an American Corporation, but China focused and Shanghai based, providing unique solutions to human resource problems that enable management teams to go beyond conventional problem solving and to create original responses to situations and obstacles.

We provide consulting, experiential education and learning services. We are unique in the China market because of our focus on self-awareness, experiential learning and adventure in the people and organizational development process. We offer a variety of public and in-house learning opportunities to include programming on communication, customer focus, presentation skills, train-the-trainer and management coaching. Professional Way especially focuses on leadership and team development. For advanced teams and leadership groups, we also provide challenging outdoor leadership adventures, incorporating international models of leadership and organizational development and modifying them to reflect contemporary Chinese conditions and realities.

Company Type(s): Profit & Non-Profit
Region(s): Asia
Grade Level(s): Not Applicable


Address 1: 2208 Westgate Tower, 1038 Nanjing West Road
City: Shanghai
State/Province: na
Country: China
Postal Code: 200041


Phone: (86 21) 6267-1059
Contact Person: C.E. Dorris