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Waya Outdoor Institute

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Updated: March 12, 2022

Check us out at wayaoutdoorschool.com We are a Native woman led non profit that focuses on outdoor adventure, science education and Indigenous knowledge. We are looking for passionate outdoor folks who will harness the energy of the outdoors and bring life to our campers. Please find all open positions at https://wayaoutdoorschool.com/2022-openings

At Wa-Ya, our mission is:

“To weave together outdoor survival, science, and indigenous culture and perspective to provide all youth regardless of income, an opportunity for learning about outdoor science, connecting with nature; and using that connection to foster a sense of belonging, self-confidence, and stewardship.”

To achieve this, Wa-Ya conducts 10 single week summer day camps in the greater Olympia area geared to youth ages 6-18 years old. We spend our days in diverse and stimulating outdoor landscapes where students learn outdoor survival, environmental sciences like biology, geology, climatology, performing and visual arts, and learn native teachings. We focus on immersive hands-on and experiential learning, in small group environments. Our camps are entirely outdoors and are composed of mixed age groups where campers can learn from instructors as well as each other. Through all of our camps, we build not only knowledge and understanding, but also resiliency and a sense of community, as well as an appreciation and joy for the natural world.  

It is part of our mission at Wa-Ya to make outdoor education accessible to every child. We offer scholarship programs and sliding scale tuition adjustments to help make camp more affordable.

At Wa-Ya Outdoor Institute, we teach community values, the benefits of working together and the power of synergy. Wa-Ya embodies these values through partnerships. Working together we lift each other up and become a stronger community. Our partners include: Native Action Network, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Nisqually Tribe, United Youth Movement, Nisqually Reach Nature Center, Sky Bear Media, Capitol Land Trust, Olympia Waldorf School, Red Eagle Soaring.


Address 1: 6933 Munn Lake Dr SE
City: Tumwater
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98501

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